Classic Riders Club of Goulburn Incorporated

PO Box 415

Goulburn NSW€ 2580





1.                 TERMS OF REFERENCE

a)     This document is the constitution of the Classic Riders Club of Goulburn Incorporated amended and adopted at the Annual General Meeting, Goulburn, August 2009

b)     The purpose of this constitution is to regulate the affairs of the Classic Riders Club of Goulburn Incorporated.€€

c)      The Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW (RTA) Historic Vehicle Policy (current version) forms part of this constitution. €A copy of this policy (not subject to amendment) is included as Annex A to this document and is provided for information only.€€ All references to the RTA Historic Vehicle Policy and the Conditional Registration Scheme refer to the latest version of these documents only.

2.                 TITLE

a)     The name of the Organisation is "Classic Riders Club of Goulburn Incorporated", referred to in this document as "The Club".

b)     The Club colours are maroon and blue.

3.                 DEFINITIONS.


Annual General Meeting


Roads and Traffic Authority (or its equivalent in NSW)



any self-propelled road going vehicle with two wheels intended

primarily for the transport of people and/or goods, when new.€ This definition includes such vehicles fitted with a sidecar.



built on or before 31 Dec 1918




built between the 01 Jan 1919 and 31 Dec 1930




built between the 01 Jan 1931 and 31 Dec 1945




built between the 01 Jan 1946 and the date at which vehicles are deemed eligible by the Roads and Traffic Authority for inclusion in the Conditional Registration Scheme



with reference to a motorcycle, means built at least thirty years ago.



a vehicle in any of the categories above, to include Veteran,

Vintage, Post-Vintage, Post €War and Classic.




those people, who are financial at the date of acceptance of this Constitution, or who apply for and are granted membership within the meaning of this document, and who remain financial within the meaning of the document


Club Year


that period of approximately twelve months, from the date following the Annual General Meeting to the date of the next Annual General meeting


Club Event

Any published calendar event.


Clubman Trophy

An Annual Award given to a club member.



4.                 OBJECTS.

a)     The objects of the club are to:

                                i.            promote and foster the preservation, restoration and use of historic motorcycles.

                              ii.            conduct rallies and social events for members and to associate with other similar clubs having the same interests.

                            iii.            receive or reject any monies by way of subscriptions, commissions, donations, legacies or grants.

                            iv.            indulge in any activity deemed by the Club to further the interests of club members.

                              v.            publish, or cause to be published, any information which it is deemed will promote the objects of the Club.


5.                 MEMBERSHIP.

a)     Membership is open to any individual who accepts the objects and interests of the Club.

b)     Individuals seeking membership should apply to the committee for membership.€ The committee may refuse any application for membership.

c)      Available memberships are:

                                  i.           Full membership:€ open to owners of classic, vintage or veteran motorcycles and / or any person interested in such motorcycles.

                                ii.           Family membership: open to immediate family of a full member.€ Family members shall enjoy all privileges of the club but will have no voting rights.

                              iii.           Honorary membership: open to visitors to the club and is for a period not exceeding two months.€ Honorary members shall enjoy all privileges of the club but will have no voting rights.

                              iv.           Life membership: (As described in section 6 (six) below)


d)     Members shall pay such Annual Membership Fees as are determined by the Club at a General Meeting.€ Annual Membership Fees shall fall due on the 1st August each year.€ Any full member joining after 31st January shall be required to pay half of the applicable Annual Membership Fee for the remainder of the current year plus one full years membership for the following year in advance.€

e)     To accord with RTA rules, club full membership must be current for the entire period of registration of a member€s vehicle under the RTA Conditional Registration Scheme, therefore, members must be financial for both the current and next club year.

f)       Membership shall cease upon resignation, death, expulsion or failure to pay outstanding fees within three (3) months of the due date.

g)     A member who is not financial may not vote at a meeting of the Club.

6.                 LIFE MEMBERSHIP

a)     Life membership may be conferred upon a club member who meets the following criteria:-

                                 i.             They have made unusual or special contributions to the Club or have provided outstanding unpaid service.

                               ii.             Have been a club member for at least 10 years consecutive or otherwise.

                             iii.             Supports and promotes the objectives of the club as outlined above in Section 4 (four) of the Constitution.

b)     Nomination of a life member may only be put to the club in writing and should be signed by both a mover and seconder (who are full financial members) and should reach the Secretary prior to the 31st July in any year.

c)     The nomination will be put on the agenda for the following AGM in August.

d)     The president following any discussion will put a motion to the club members to vote on the life membership.

e)     A vote of at least two thirds majority of club members present at the meeting must be achieved in order to confer life membership on the nominee.

f)       Life members are exempt from paying annual subscriptions but will assume all the privileges of a full member.

g)    If present the nominee may accept or decline life membership or advise the committee by the following meeting.

7.                 MEETINGS.

a)     A General Meeting shall be held on the second Tuesday of each month and an AGM will take place immediately after the General Meeting in August of each year.€

b)     At least fourteen (14) days notice of an AGM or an extraordinary general meeting shall be given to all members.

c)      At least seven (7) days notice of an ordinary general meeting shall be given to all members.

d)     An extraordinary general meeting may be part of a general meeting.

e)     A quorum for an ordinary general meeting shall be fifteen percent (15%) of the total membership. A quorum for an extraordinary or AGM shall be twenty-five percent (25%) of the total membership.

8.                 COMMITTEE.

a)     The Club shall have its affairs administered by the Office Bearers and other members known as the committee.€

b)     The committee shall be elected at each AGM and comprise the following office bearers:

                                  i.             President

                                ii.             Vice President

                              iii.             Secretary

                              iv.             Treasurer

                                v.             Public Officer

                              vi.             Movements Officer

                            vii.             Events Directors

                          viii.             Magazine Editor

                              ix.             Club Captain

c)      To be eligible for office a member shall be: a full financial member for at least three (3) months.

d)     A committee member shall hold office until the next AGM, until he/she resigns or is removed from office by a resolution of the club at an extraordinary meeting.

e)     In the event of a casual vacancy arising, that vacancy may remain or be filled, following prior notice at a general meeting, for the unexpired period of office until the next AGM and in accordance with the provisions of a normal election.



a)     The committee shall responsibly manage the business of this club in accordance with this constitution.

b)     The committee shall appoint a public officer in accordance with the requirements of the "Associations Incorporation Act 1984".

c)      The committee shall appoint additional committee members for the discharge of specific tasks such as events director.€ The appointed member shall relinquish his/her position upon completion of such task(s).

d)     The president shall be the spokesperson for the club and shall chair meetings in accordance with the rules governing Parliamentary debate.

e)     The vice-president shall assist and assume full presidential duties in the absence of and on behalf of the president as required.

f)       The secretary shall:

                                  i.            Attend to correspondence and take and keep all minutes of the meetings.€€

                                ii.            Keep written records of all members and their addresses and registered vehicles.

                              iii.            Have the power to expend sums not exceeding $20.00 without prior reference to the committee.€

g)     The treasurer shall:

                                  i.             Maintain a correct and accurate record of the financial transactions of the club,

                                ii.             Provide a financial report at each general meeting,

                              iii.             Present an audited financial statement, in accordance with the requirements of the "Associations Incorporation Ordinance 1984", to the AGM. With the committee's approval,

                              iv.            If required and funds exceed $10,000.00 at the end of the financial year appoint an auditor who is not a club member to conduct an audit of the financial affairs of the club in accordance with the "Associations Incorporation Act 1984".


h)     The Public Officer, shall notify the Department of Fair Trading (or its equivalent) by the prescribed forms, if required to:

                                 i.            Advise of his/her appointment or change of residential address (within fourteen days)

                               ii.            Advise a change to the Club€s Name, Objects or rules (within one month)

                             iii.            Advise a change in the membership of the committee (within fourteen days)

                             iv.            Provide a statement of the club€s financial affairs (within one month after the AGM)

i)        The Movements Officer shall head the Vehicle Inspection Committee, maintain a log of all vehicle movements and maintain a log of club bike registration numbers.

j)        The Magazine Editor shall co-ordinate material for publication in the club newsletter and shall supervise its production and distribution on a regular basis.

k)      Club members will provide the Movements Officer with a photocopy of their Conditional Registration within one month of the registration date if and when required by the office bearers of the club.€€


10.            ELECTIONS.

a)     Elections will be held at the AGM following the business of an ordinary general meeting in August each year.

b)     All committee members will stand down and those members present at the AGM shall elect a returning officer from amongst themselves to conduct the ballot for the position of president. The returning officer shall not be a nominee for any committee position for which the ballot is to be conducted.

c)      Once elected the president will assume the chair and continue to conduct the election of committee members.

d)     Nominee for election to the committee shall be proposed and seconded by members in the following manner:

                                 i.            Written nominations may be provided to the AGM with signatures of the nominee, proposer and seconder, or

                               ii.            Oral nominations may be made at the AGM provided that the nominee, proposer and seconder are present.

                             iii.            In the event that there is more than one nominee for a committee position voting for that position shall be by a show of hands.€

                             iv.            If there is only one nominee for a committee position he/she is taken to be elected.

11.            VOTING (other)

a)     Voting on business shall be by show of hands unless a proposal calling for a secret ballot is successful.

b)     Voting by proxy may only be accepted at an AGM or an extra-ordinary general meeting and must be in writing.

c)      Voting on a proposal shall be deemed successful if:

                                  i.             For constitutional amendments a vote of two thirds majority of all club members present at either the AGM or extraordinary general meeting is achieved; or

                                ii.             For all other matters a simple majority of half plus one vote of those members present is achieved.

d)     The president shall have a first vote on any proposal as well as a casting vote.

e)     Where an equal vote on a proposal results the matter shall be resolved by the president having a casting vote.

f)       It is not compulsory for the chairman to exercise his casting vote unless an immediate decision must be made.


12.            MAKING OF DECISIONS

a)     In order to make decisions proposals must be formally moved and seconded before being put to the vote.

b)      Where an amendment to the constitution is proposed the proposal shall be notified to all members by mail, email or published in the club newsletter and be voted upon at an extraordinary general meeting or the AGM and shall be deemed to be a €special resolution€



a)     The income and property of the club, however derived, shall be applied solely towards the objectives of the club and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred, either directly or indirectly, in any form to any club member or their interests except as:

                                i.            Remuneration for services rendered to the club or for goods supplied to the club by a member in the ordinary course of business.

                              ii.            Remuneration for expenses incurred by a duly authorised member conducting club business.


14.            ACCOUNTS.

a)     The club shall maintain an account(s) with a bank or other financial institution approved by the committee.

b)     A receipt shall be issued for all monies received on behalf of the club.

c)      All monies received shall be passed to the treasurer for deposit in the account(s) within seven (7) days or as soon as reasonably possible.

d)     All payments from club funds shall normally be by cheque. All cheques, Bills of Exchange or withdrawal forms drawn on the account(s) must be signed by any two of the core committee, treasurer, president, secretary or vice president. €€

e)     Any cash payments must be specifically endorsed by the committee as such and a receipt of the transaction, with the payee's signature, must be retained.



a)     A period of notice spanning the period of publication of one club newsletter or at least one month by mail prior to an Annual General meeting or an Extraordinary general meeting shall be given to all members of any proposed amendments to this constitution.

b)     Any amendment to this constitution shall be void unless it complies with the requirements of the "Associations Incorporation Act 1984".



In the event of any claim being made upon the club, the club's liability shall be limited to the extent of the funds and other assets held by the club. In respect of such a claim, the club shall not require the payment by any member of any fee or levy.

17.            DISCIPLINE.

a)     A member may request the committee to enquire into a breach of the constitution by another club member and where appropriate the committee may rescind the offender's membership rights and privileges.

b)     Where a committee member fails in his/her responsibilities under the constitution a general meeting may sanction the removal from office of that committee member thereby creating a casual vacancy.


18.            CLUB SEAL.

a)     The club shall have a seal in the form of CRCG.

b)     The seal shall not be affixed to any instrument except by the authority of the committee and the affixing thereof shall be attested by the signature of at least one committee member, and that attestation is sufficient for all purposes that the seal was affixed by the authority of the committee.

c)      The seal shall remain in the custody of the club secretary.


19.            DISSOLUTION.

a)     The club shall be dissolved if a resolution to this effect is carried by at least a two-thirds majority of all club members.

b)     In the event of the club's dissolution, any surplus assets shall be transferred to a succeeding body which is approved by a two-thirds majority of all members or, failing approval of such a body, to a body with similar objectives to those set out in article four (4) of this constitution.

c)      In the event of a failure to meet the conditions of the clause b) above within a period of six months, all funds and property of the club shall be directed to a Goulburn charity approved by a two thirds majority.

d)     The assets of the club shall not be distributed amongst members of the club under any circumstances.



a)     Vehicle inspection for the purpose of the RTA Conditional Registration Scheme will be carried out in accordance with RTA regulations.

b)     Number plates issued by RTA under the Conditional Registration Scheme remain the property of RTA.

c)      RTA Conditional Registration is not transferable.€ If a vehicle with RTA Conditional Registration is sold, it is the responsibility of the club member to surrender the number plates to the RTA upon sale.€ This applies regardless of whether the purchaser is a member of the club or not.€





All club members, visitors and guests are eligible for club events.


However, for a club member to be eligible for the Clubman trophy they must be:


a)     Riding a motorcycle registered with the RTA under the Conditional Registration Scheme or

b)     Riding a motorcycle eligible for conditional registration with the RTA and be fully road registered.


The Award is given for the most kilometres ridden in a 12 month period beginning from the clubs Annual October ride until the following annual October ride.

22.            VEHICLE MOVEMENTS.

a)     For the purpose of this article, vehicle movements refer to the movement of a club-registered vehicle under its own power.€

b)     All vehicle movements shall be strictly in accordance with current RTA regulations.

c)      All club registered vehicle movements shall be recorded by the Movements Officer.€

d)     Movement of vehicles not covered by a registered calendar event must be registered with the movements officer before movement.€ Such movements are restricted to those necessary for maintenance such as test running or going to and from a maintenance facility.


23.            INSURANCE

The club shall effect and maintain Insurance as is required under the Associations Incorporation Act, by Law or regarded as necessary by the club.


24.            ANNEXES


Annex A: €€€ RTA Historic Vehicle Policy.


SEE: website below